Monday, 28 February 2011

Confectionary project.

This wasn't how it could of looked due to our confectionary group had some comunication problems and so each of the animator's (steven,jonathon,myself) had to put together three storyboard from what ideas we had the night before.
What was planned to be done for tuesday but due to surcomstances with people not being able to turn up an not having work done we said to have it done and in by wednesday a day before presentation and and animator were left to their own devises.
There were then three main ideas to pitch to the class with this being one of them, characters share a choo choo bar and only one can eat it, so the advert it aiming to dare you to try and eat a choo choo bar.

The other two ideas were:
  •  having australian people playing cricket then one of the poles gets replaced by a choo choo bar and a kangaroo comes in and says you can't hit a choo bar mate.
  • train chase /robbery come sequence simular to ts3 with the characters looking after the choo choo bars.