Saturday, 22 October 2011

Ss1-Storyboard pipeline & Final Storyboard

Ss1-Storyboards, 3 ideas which help produce my final narrative below

The idea above was my initial storyboard
The problem with my initial idea was that the redbull can didn't really play a good enough part in the story and well i found it was the weakest out of the three when asking for peoples opinions.

Second idea 

This was my favourite
The storyboard above had everything but i found it just missed that little piece in the story which linked the energy drink to the character that made the narrative really worth watching.

Third Idea
Basic but to time consuming and not sticking to brief.
This storyboard had character and would have had a lot of slapstick but was just going off the point of what i wanted the story to have. The main meaning of "How do you drink yours" would have been a bin more of a marathon and thats why i didn't end up finishing the storyboard.

Final Storyboard & pipeline how i got to it

When coming into some difficulty with the storyboards i spoke to my tutor and was recommended to look at Popeye for a scene which needed a little work. In this scene currently had my character lifting weights to be able to lift the can of Redbull but found that wasn't needed and if i put a way of the character having some Redbull then cundgering up the energy to lift it the narrative would make a lot more sense but would still have the slapstick in the earlier scenes as i wanted.

Then came across this advert starring the Popeye man himself advertising an energy drink.

From watching theses Popeye clips above and consulting a friend who is on a creative writing course, we managed to figure out the riddle to the puzzle of the storyboard which ended up making me think why didn't i think of that earlier but the journey got me to it.

The final storyboard

Discription of shot and character action to the side then explanation of shot to the bottom.