Monday, 24 October 2011

Ss1-Canimation cloths and set

Ss1-Canimation puppet

Armature with cloths looking cleaner than previous attempts (no photos), first attempts there were problems because of the size of the hands and feet which was amazing that my fashion designer girlfriend could get the measurements right for the cloths to fit and not undo also not to bit that the cloths look too baggy.

Canimation Set

These are shots part way of making a billboard, the only problem was the get the Redbull sign the right size to fit the frame then frame it and add lights to the top to make it look a little more realistic.

Shots once the billboard were done 

placed on set

Placed on the set  looks like it really suits and im pretty happy with it, on the storyboards when it comes to where the redbull is at the start thats where the banner is going to be behind the redbull can.

Below a much more focused shot on the lights which im happy with how they turned out it was a mixture of balsa wood,1mm wire and acrylic.

Floor of the set

 These shots aren't great but i thought i'd put them up anyway as to show, one of my greenscreen boards flipped over,slapped a lot of different acrylic pigments on the bloard then made a texture by dabbing the brush after making the colour right (very impressed it worked so easily.