Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Ss1-Day before filming

Set all finished.
First here are some pictures of my set-

Left top of set 

Redbull Billboard

The concrete floor (a lot of acrylic)

Final Puppet

Workspace from yesterday.

Final stages of the boy puppet and following principles i learned in the last two puppets and trying to take the best bits and add to them with this third puppet, at first for my final puppet head i was going to use replacement mouths but because i haven't got windows 7 on my laptop the software had some difficulty so i've opted to go back to making a huge jaw and lips instead of lips as also there isn't any lip syncing throughout.

Will be animating tomorrow and so im rushing round with a cold trying to get everything finished, the set is near enough there, the armature just needs another coat of latex and the shoes might need thickening out to improve balance because the magnets are proving not strong enough.

For the eyes on this puppet i will also be trying out some latex eye lids to see how realistic they look if not il make some replacement ones using ether Super Sculpey or plastercine.
tried with some hair made from super sculpey this time. 

mouth left open always looks a lot bigger but good for expression.

no neck, latex later.

material for a scarf on first puppet (with eyes out)