Friday, 21 October 2011

Ss1- Update on Canimation,hand studies and head studies

Red bull-Machine!

For one of my 10 second clips I was thinking maybe incorporate the Red bull can into a kind of transformer type machine where a character hits the can and then gets surprised when the can retaliate and have an old school look of boxing sketch from Chaplin and buster.

basic look at the moment

More dominant picture
 Hand studies
This is the hand I used in the say hello clip bellow using the mime character, for animating this hand worked very well and was very pleased as fingers weren't wobbly and stayed in place.The only criticism I could give is that the paint could come off easily.
To stop this occurring,im not sure wether its worth doing another layer of latex on top of the acrylic paint to make it stay a little better or at least longer.

 This second hand I actually tried just using the latex straight onto the wire and worked but afterwards added thickness using plaster tape and another layer of latex on top.

 May have shortened the thumb a little bit too much but still able to animate hopefully.

waiting on latex to dry
 Old Man Puppet Number 2

These are just some photos of him after another go in the oven and a coat of latex just one for now but really noticed the difference after the latex and really gives it a good finish still need to add hair,paint face and create replacement teeth.


Short update but still theres loads to be done and time is rapidly being taken from me, just had chance to do this post. The other day I booked the milo and so all systems go at the moment with a list of things to be finished before im ready for animating.
There will be a timetable being put up next time also I will hopefully have the cloths for my armature done and dusted with the help of my lovely girlfriend jade, so hopefully will have a lot to put up tomorrow.