Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ss1-Don't be rood say hello!Animating first puppet.

Just a little something i made earlier...

Dragon Stop-motion
First puppet wasn't a full success but can you tell,set up my new software Dragon today with control pannel and started making a little clip a test really to see how my puppet was to animate and what have you.
  Painted him in a Mime way which looks different but when it comes to animate the character is very friendly, also testing out a latex hand i made prior in the week which i matched up the colours to keep to the same character.
This puppet is a before puppet to get the learning proccess of software,materials,character and lighting up to scratch for my 10 second clip which will be used and be marked on for Ss1 and my Canimation project.

Before adding colour and making more of a mime out of him the reason of the shine is i might of over done it on the latex as it was the first puppet i latexed which i think would of worked a little better if i added the colour before the latex.
Third puppet in the making

This is my next puppet which i have already started on which will have no mouth in place like the others instead will be using replacement mouths to be able to lip sync emotions a lot easier and might just use my acrylic eyes which i have been saving.