Monday, 17 October 2011

Ss1- Second puppet face

This puppet i decided to add foil to make it lighter also easier to fill out in areas to make the face look the way i wanted it to, first did the wiring on the inside with about 5mm thickness and the jaw and nose with 1mm thickness.

Outline visable

 Sculpey stage

Before the oven

This face is more of an old man with that in mind i made sure the eyes were in the centre of the head, gave him little hair on top but much round the sides to give the more middle age look also added some facial hair for effect.      Next with expression i was going to add the eyebrows on for each frame then thought it a good idea to add them on a layer of 1mm wire and then when baked in the over would be solid within the head yet stil able to more as to show emotion.   With the last puppet head there was difficult when moving the mouth without getting cracks and so i left space where theres going to be more movement and later use plastercine to fill for each shot.

dramatic size difference in puppet

side view
 This picture above shows where there is no sculpey on the puppet and will be replaced using plastecine within most shots and will not be visible like now with it all being the same colour as wel.

After oven

Watching tv

With the over done puppet of keeping him in there for too long came cracked to easily and so this time when putting this one in i became overly causious and didnt leave him in long enough but i might see if i can put him back in. The mouth would be closed in most of the shots and when open i would be putting in replacement teeth of how wide the mouth is open.

More news on facial studies soon also how my armature will look with the puppet face i choose to go with and hopefully get on with some worthy storyboards!