Tuesday, 22 March 2011

disney character finished and evaluation

When creating my disney brief character,i thought straight away of charley chaplin and my playful guy was going to imulate his characteristics.classically not bringing in too much speech only the emotion showing through facial expressions then came across the new mr.bean cartoons which are simular using grunts and sighs to show expression that made it stand out.
Instead of going to use flash simularly to mr.bean i've decided to use traditional 2d animated frame by frame.my main problem when animating was that i'd come to each scene and want to change each part and want to make it better being a perfectionist became my floor. i will keep trying to upload the video but at the moment having troubles. my storyboard changed in two places there wasn't a scene for the teacher leaving so i kept her in the room which made it so the entrance wasn't needed.
also the books just fall then the teacher shouts instead of the fall going into water i thought in the storyboard with the floor of not having the teacher leave to make it simple and focus on the character.