Monday, 25 April 2011

Armature Update.

Finally getting the short clip up below after bad internet connection please view below.

Armature's seem to be coming along nicely inbetween work, my tie down armature using screw and bolt has been put on hold while i've been focusing of uni work and the magnet armature which now has what im calling a muscle layer made out of foam. The armature is easier to move but the main reason i used foam for the muscle is to give the cloths to fall to or be connected to using bostik.

I've been working on quick clips using the armature to get back into movement and seeing how i can include and work with the magnets in future heres a quick clip showing the character knows he can't get away from the magnet so uses it to his advantage to do situps.

Also im having some camera issues at the moment so im doing my tests on my laptop camera.