Thursday, 12 May 2011

Colaboration Project Evaluation

BA Animation             Colaboration Project Evaluation       By GarethHirst

The collaboration project from hearing this line I assumed it was going to many people which generates the problem of too many opinions and disagreement which I why I prefer to work on my own because if there are any problems along the line I have myself to blame. 
  Then when it came down to being in groups and placed out of comfort zones working with new people is always a challenge but when I saw who out of the animator’s that id be working with was a relief  to see passionate people  that I know work hard which I couldn’t say for those who were illustrators and advertising students of course because I didn’t know then.
    Coming in to work with the group at first was awkward hoping that everyone would come out of their own and show what they had to offer took some weeks more that id of hoped and so as there wasn’t much of a start we took a trip to the sweet shop.   
  From the sweet shop I had a clear idea from leaving uni that we had to all pick up a sweet to take back something new and would be fun for advertise with lovable characters from there I choose the choo choo bar  and not for the bar itself but more for the playful characters that made me choose it.
      From there once us animators saw that we were the driving force we set tasks for the illustrators not having what we asked for back In the standard that we talked about so we began to go back to do these things before beginning animating.    
 When animating came we worked really well in a group selecting jobs easily and taking everyone’s point of view before moving on.