Sunday, 1 May 2011

Confectionary project.

Here shows work on a basic shot with showing the choo choo bar train moving towards us to go off screen, these are some basic clips that i've been working on today with getting back into Birmingham and unpacking my stuff.So here shows the shapes that come together to make the train without wheels and track at first.

This next one making it more like a train with the wheels and bringing in the track with without colour the track makes the train invisible so below added colour.

Here i've completed a basic train on flash.

Even though this is in the learning process simple things once you get the hang of them, we were originally thinking of doing this in stop-motion or flash i am glad we were told to choose to flash because  the choo choo bar is clearly a 2d bar and would go clearly but becoming better at a software which to be honest wasn't keen on.