Monday, 1 August 2011

Test,test,test and result will come (soon)

 First im starting with a few images from which show a half body puppet which i was going to use for quick tests which are going on at the moment and the photos show just how simple i made it but end detail not finished.

Used a foam ball and stuck wire inside then glued an fixed it into place.

here from a different angle

Once glue dryed an taped up ready for sculpy on ball half

Foiled up the legs and the feet to fill it out without to much weight

Foil added then taped round foil

Final stage before scupting over the top.

Basketball Update

 Basketball Armature taken under the knife after realised how weak the armature had become after leaving it to get started on the set.


Once fixed replaced area with tape ready for more life to be put into him 

one research photo of net that a came across but i think the final one wont be attached to the wall.


 Also find myself going to the canary islands with my family which is going to be great and from when i get back itl be work work work for the whole year to get a dream job but at this stage work experience for after uni, btw the picture about is a place near my house break it up wit peaceful image.

will hopefully be a post on the update of my set before wednesday and crit would be great thanks.