Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ss1-Canimation Puppet update (to do)

First attempt for my armature for Canimation project

Puppet conclusion.

 These photos show the puppet finished but coming to animate the armature just didn't work as well as thought at the beginning, with the head too puppet like and doesn't stay in any place but happy with the colours.
The hands worked well but didn't grip ahold of the can as wanted, but the fingers move nicely. The cloths work very well and il be using it on another armature which is about the same size. The most annoying this was to keep him standing up magnets I thought were going to be great but with a wooden set just didn't work for next time it would have to be a metal place to animate on.


Quick thinking as I found a few problems when coming to animate using this armature i've decided to use a simple character using a professional armature and will be using tie downs but won't be moving the character around as much and the set will be higher up.
The best of the storyboard I will try and make in uni using the milo but from talking to my tutor today it's fully booked apart from the days I booked until tuesday next week so il be booking more time for next year tomorrow and will be narrowing everything of the character down to animate smother and have more expression.