Friday, 28 October 2011

Ss1-Tie down rigging

Tie down rigging

Looking at rigging tie downs for my animation,my armature still needs adjustments which wont be as thick and heavy as the other and have an expressive like movement.

 These photos show the tie down technique, which I will be testing out tomorrow,leaving three blocks worth of space to be able to get under and move the tie downs,the set will be further away and the tie downs won't be shown on the animation by filming above the knee or hip.

One of the feet tied down.

Piece of wood sawn down to make layers blocked together to give enough space to fit hand under.

 Hopefully if this works i won't need to put holes all over my set and be able to green screen parts which  i keep in area of the floor, Also i have recently purchased a professional rig to be able to do jumps and keep my armature standing without having to put my set sideways to make the character jump or any other way.

Also until then tomorrow I will be trying to make my own temporary rig to connect to the back of one of my armature which il paint green so it'l be easier to get rid of the rigging.