Friday, 28 October 2011

Ss1-More realistic by only painting the hair

Working back on the puppet face which I earlier called the old man, i'm going back to this one for many reasons mainly the other puppet i'd originally decided on wasn't expressive enough and the paint layer wasn't really agreeing with me.

Firstly as you'll notice i've painted all his hair and decided to keep all the super sculpey tones because they keep well as skin colour without having to go to extra time and make sure all the skin tone is the same which I don't have.

More realistic just by painting the hair i found.

As you'll see from these photos what looks like sweat is infact where the latex has come off so il be giving him another coat of latex.
the rock "what you got cooking" eye brows

 These below of the back of the head which has a slight bit of over comb and with all the areas of hair i've done 4 coats of colour to make it more realistic and to have the grey parts showing through.

Like the way the hair looks more realistic after being painted.