Monday, 31 October 2011

FLIP-ANIMATION-FESIVAL 2011 (Wolverhampton)

FlipFestival 2011

Had a great day off from doing my work for my deadline,meeting the likes of Jim Parkyn from Aardman who had great advice to give to get your foot in the door, Cosgrove Hall who are the guys behind the likes of Dangermouse,Wind and The Willows and Duckular to name a few.

Also got to see the Brothers Mcleod who showed their new animation Isle Of Spagg which was a good watch showing a great palette and humour to match.Also to part in a Gromit workshop with Jim Parklyn which was great and there is a picture below of my attempt (old-school) and jims which was perfect,so much recommend flip this year was the best one yet.

Gromit from the Aardman Workshop

Guess which is which?
Showcased Stop-Motion Models around the Lighthouse (Flip venue)

From Curtis Joblings creations which are quiet something and so he is humorous character went to one of his talks not so long ago in Birmingham City centre.

Frankinsteins CAT


The loveable RaaRaa the Lion!
Autographs From The Day!

Real copy of one of the storyboards from Duckula
Cosgrove and Hall
The Voice of The Legend Johnny Bravo

Marc Silk