Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ss1-Case Study on One Week

Case Study on One Week

 One Week stars Buster Keaton and Sybil seely as a just married couple off to start their new life together with a new house to be built from scratch and live happily.They come into challenges which see them tackle each problem in true silent slapstick comedy style always keeping you glued to the characters throughout giving empathy for the two main characters.

  The plot consisted of the married couple arriving at their new home to find they must actually build it giving Buster Keaton, who is also the director, the freedom for the first time in his own film. He creates obstacles for the characters giving three gags which concluded back to the story which found them with a house looking like a puzzle not put together right.The end sees the house become demolished on the railroad tracks.Buster puts a "for sale" sign on the pile leaving instructions on top, both Buster and Sybil walk off together.
Buster and Sybil seemed to play the characters very believable without taking themselves to seriously especially when finding out that Sybil was only 18 years old when starred in as the bride. This showed her companionship and loyalty which made each gag  from Buster that much smoother and believable to watch. Buster having this his first directed film made,in his opinion it was a inferior effort to debut with, which showed his need for perfection from the start of his career.
There were many film techniques throughout the film using a montage to tie each shot together. Having the music help to keep all of the key parts more evident, especially having it  as a silent comedy from 1920 there was a need for the music to match each scene. 

   There were many types of shots, having the opening scene wide and the end scene likewise almost seeming like their telegraphing the start and the end of the film. Keeping the main focus throughout the middle on the characters and the house, the shots are kept to a lot of parallel action that comes with all Buster Keaton films.

From what I know this wasn't taken from any short book or story, which would have been interesting but there wouldn't have been as obvious action and slapstick, which is used throughout the film. The action and slapstick comedy is done to the point of looking animated like tom acting on what jerry does Buster acts solely on the situation.

The reason for choosing this film was because of the sheer nature of slapstick comedy taken from the roots on which i can be inspired by and create my own narratives in a similar yet original nature, which stands out and would elevate my creative stills in animation. Specifically stop-motion, the most modern day comparison would be the likes of Shaun the sheep. This would have been interesting to write about, the spark from old silent slapstick comedies is what made me choose One week by Buster Keaton.

One Week in full below enjoy!