Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Ss1-Lessons take time

Workspace this past weekend.
I know where everything is,it's not at all a mess.
Current stage 
Learning lessons takes time, priorly engaged to use the milo i've had to take some time to rethink how I was tackling problems with armature limitations making me have to start a new armature using a professional kit to get the performance the storyboard was asking for.
As you can imagine then the time I took out from other things to rebuilt an armature including building up the body and fixing the head into place and having to make new hands in just three days didn't give me enough time to have the set to standard. 
Project has been taking a lot of time but along the way i've been learning lessons but with that loosing time on other areas and seeing myself rushing so i'm taking things into consideration and planning more to make sure I get the result I want first time round.
Another thing which i'm going to be taking for advantage of the workshop in uni once i've had my induction which will help a great deal saving time on the set and it won't look as home made.

Foam stomach 
foam stomach front

Main reason for using the foam was because when i used it previous i found when moving the armature easy with the foam following the movement.this is a test using the foam on a simple armature-

foam is messy
Legs to scale to put onto armature
Storyboard for milo but will try still to include it into the final animation
Armature filled out in foam ready to put cloths on.
much better tie down system.

There will be a lot of less chance to get posts up but will try busy with work as deadline is fast approaching for both my Canimation project and my Brief which is set to be handed in at the start of december,this means work on set and armature next couple of days then from there purely animating, there are still some minor ajustments to be made to the armature with posts coming as soon as ready.