Thursday, 3 November 2011

Ss1-Problem Puppet and Set Reinventing

Fixing threaded wire into the puppets head
close up on threaded wire

After getting things together, a small job which ended up time consuming because taking out the original wire which was inside the puppets head and changing it to a threaded wire to make more compatible to the armature which is using a ball and socked armature.

workshop area for the day

If you can see the picture you'll see I finally got the job done.

In the end I don't have a picture but I used a dremmel to file down the wire to the width needed to get inside the puppets head which took some time with the wire getting hot every time so ended up having to go over the wire about ten times in the same area.

Organisation is important.

Finding myself looking for armature pieces and eyes on the floor after dropping them became annoying and time consuming,the money I spend on the box saves time in the long run.

Re-thinking set approach & giving tests a place to animate.
 (also less home made more professional)

Floor plan & Rigging.
First picked up some Mdf and drew out spacing for vertical and horizontal.

Realising lines were not matching up added correct measurements with and X.

After measurements aligned correctly

(endless grid)

Ongoing thinking about how the set will be placed together or to be able to pull apart.

To be able get get exact measurements correct and not waste time I used a machine called CNC which with the correct measurements given will take commands from software such as illustrator,Corral and Cad.

Screen grabs of the illustration document 5mm each hole.

Finished and ready to sent to cad then the Cnc machine.

 With the help of splirgion(spelt as said) a workshop technician helped so much in letting me use the CNC machine, the reason for the holes? For the rigging as you'll of noticed I will be using tie downs which consists of connecting an armature with a hole in your set using a nut and bolt.

Holes not in place? CNC took measurements from bottom of Mdf,mine are from the drawn out box.

From the things to get me to this stage I will be using this set as the before set  to test armatures mainly.

Tie down fits perfectly leaving enough room to be able to have not movements in the set when changing position.