Monday, 16 July 2012

My Stop-Frame Graduation Show

Characters of Stop-Frame animators graduating 2012 (by Richard Whillock)

The show was a great success and many people turned up on the private show including Ian Mackinnon from Mackinnon and Saunders whom i spoke to about my work and found everyone enjoyed our stop-frame room for the hand made quality which everyone can relate and enjoy!

These are some photos of which show my work showcased in all its glory and in true cinema style had seats popcorn and surround sound showing all of our final graduate films.


The stars of Street Act Ollie and Alvin kept in a neat cabinet.

First Characters made from sculpey on the left Canimation character and first mime character.

These are the mouths used for Street Act for Ollie and alvin to show expression (sculpey) and plastercine for the speech in Street Act the Extras.

Presentation Boards

One Board includes an overall look at my red bull animation No Bull, a look into the success of Street Act and Acting out scenes from Street Act to photos of the animating process.

Redbull Canimation No Bull
Success of Street Act 
The animating in progress

Nametag for the show and a quick overview

Some of the frames from Street Act the Extras put in a reel for the show nicely above the drinks
Ollie and Alvin kindly welcoming guests
On screen Ollie next to cabinet ollie (same puppet)

The Street Act set Corporation St. was on show 

Hope everyone who came enjoyed the work that was on display and has opened their eyes to the art of Stop-motion animation and for those didn't make it the photos are also available on the Facebook page . 

Biad Awards Trevor Awards 2 - Stop motion Category 

(Myself)Gareth Hirst ,Ian Mackinnon ,Richard Whillock
Congratulation to Richard Whillock WINNING with his animation Being Dead

Nominees- Claire Hanson,Richard Whillock,Gareth Hirst