Monday, 26 October 2009

Week 3, Principles used were timing spacing,squash and stretch. When coming to creating the ball in different ways and changing them from basic shapes to give a sense of movement.

I found that when coming to creating the movement of the ball and first planning out where my key frames will be then a quick line test to make sure i was keeping a good consistancy of where the ball will follow in the arch traced behind.

This clip of the ball going up an incline was a tester of a ball slowing down because of the upward steap, i tried to include squash and stretch when the ball touches the floor each time and give a sence of movement.

Also demonstrating the impact of the bouncy ball on hitting the obsticle.

This excercise i did to create shape while having the ball open out and back to original shape so i created a waterballoon.

key frames.

Anticipation Excercise; When coming to anticipation as a way of showing it by creating a character and having him jump showing getting ready then sprung in the air showing the position of the character then landing.

When creating the character i wanted to be able to portray squash and stretch as a main feature whilest still seeing the main features


Anticipation excercise; showing one character throwing the ball to the other responding with backflip kicking the ball back in his face.