Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Coin Toss,anticipation and working with moving object,ideas for 20sec animation in 2d.

This coin toss was a consept idea for a character to flick the coin then throw it off the screen. Once the characters on his own then the coin rolls back onto screen the same size as the character with that rolls it into the screen cracking the screen.

Six Week Project;Research And Developement.

Refrencing books,websites and character Developement.

"The Marvel Way" book isn't all bout the characters of Marvel but does show good consepts to use for perspective and shows ways of using the line of action in a character which i found very useful for showing the whole character if decided to create in siluette.

Futurama i refrected on how their storys were told and how the humour was portraid in 2d Animation. What i was able to gain from watching futurama on screen in still shots through action sequences was the posture of the anatomy shown in 2d.

First frames showing the character but without the timming and full key frames i decided to keep the character simple so i could concerntrate on the key principles showing squashing, stretching and the characters emotion.

"Imagination Is More Imortant Than Knowledge",
Albert Einstein.