Thursday, 29 October 2009

Six Week Animation Film.

This is my final version of my six week film which shows characters face sqashing and stretching showing a sense of size and weight to the ice cone when the character is balancing it on his finger and drops it.

I very much enjoyed making this film because it shows character of the monster through wanting a ice-cream which seems imposible to get to happen.I've chosen to have the character reaching for the ice-cream as the narrative and added morphing to the moon to change it to make it into ice-cream.

The line of action was very important in creating the characters movement and showing the jump using the pogo stick towards the end. Tom And Jerry has many of the key characteristics that every character in 2d should have good squash and stretch.

The Art Of Wallace And Gromit ;

This book shows the evolution of wallace and Gromit in showing original sketches which show character studies which i tried to involve into my character.The sketches show imaginative character building and movement throught each object.
The book shows many aspects in 2d which became useful when creating a good narritive within my animation film.