Monday, 18 January 2010

Gareth Hirst BA Animation.

Creative writing on lecture time.

' “Spirited away”

Produced by “studio Ghibli” portraits a girl and her family moving to a new town and enter the adventures of “Spirited Away” it has been the first anime film which was different which I honestly enjoyed watching because of the imaginatively characterisation which made sence and didn’t go so far out of reality making it unbelievable to the audience.


showing a young girl growing up in a country which was run by war an religion and how she finds it had with the difficulties put in front of her trying to live a normal life. When watching this film I was mainly concentrating on the mouth movement to realise how 2d animators use lip-syncing I realised that the mouth moved when speaking very easily just showing a black hole with the tongue showing no teeth. Showing the mouth short and stubby with little teeth if any at all I was focused on this because it was simple but it was effective when lip-syncing (check) background to a film that kienu reeves was included in showing the change over from a non animated film turned animated.

'I met the walrus

I met the walrus about 5 minutes video done from an interview with john Lennon. Animated video, which portrays john Lennon known rock star being interviewed then in the animation shows Lennon answering each question but each answer, is being animated and created from his lavish answers.

' How they made the models

for corpse bride? (Tim Burton)

Looking at the rigedness of the land of the living which is stricked and colour wise they are living as if their dead and the dead are living the best times of their lives. The way the two worlds meet at the end shows what the living was missing in misery living and land of the dead had no care but were happy to be back with the living again.

The Stop Motion side of the film was creative and shows a fine and slickness without looking to much in the area of CGI. Shows its own unique way of portaiing characters and how they came across maybe showing the step by step process which makes stop motion which is a slow process but creates something unique each time you create the scenes.

' Sound of animation

Showing the ways of making the sound from wall-e using the same person from the star wars films showing the light saver as a good example, also covering Walt Disney and how they made their

Sounds. Not much dialoge in Wall.E and so more empisise was put on the sound.

The iconic voice designer and sound was put to Ben Burntt whos was responsible for the sound from star wars the way he got his best sounds was going out and recording everyday sounds and being creative with them.

Disney would simulate the sounds in the studio because equipment was too bulky in snow white in the 1930’s. Earliest days of sound in animation coming from artificial sounds like a canvas against wood to give the sound of wind and storm.

For the sound of Wall E if there wasn’t a sound for what was happening there would be one for the emotion that was being portrayed. When creating the sound for Wall E when speaking Ben Burnt would create sound using a tablet tilting the pen which would change the pitch of his voice.

'The silent era

Showing George Melies, creates a whole new world the complete fantasy in 1897,tricks his viewers with special effects. Creating 500 films worldwide showing that he was a legendary character and a master of special effects, having his films suffer from a catastrophic fire ,which burned many of his films in Paris. Done out a theatre to use in 1895 in which he created his first main film.