Monday, 22 November 2010

Significent Moment M-1

What i learnt, gained and grew up waking up at seven am every day then catch the first bus at eight get on the next at aroundquarter to nine get to the college about half hour before it started this only happened in my third year in college.
First year got to know load of friends but I didn’t really choose to go to Art College it just happened when I didn’t happen to pass my art gcse I was told I wasn’t going to get in or go further with art.
About five months down the line got into trouble for fighting over something petty but we had our speaking to of our lives it was straight up, your in college and it was the biggest wake up call for my mate and I.
Then past my first year wit a distinction* then went on to pass college and that wake up call which was needed and got through and enjoyed all three years came out with good friends and the grades I wanted and worked hard for.
Coming out with with qualifications of four GCSEs in art and four A level equivilents specializing in 3D. Art was always what I excelled at and took going to college to realize what I wanted to persue in university and my future.