Monday, 22 November 2010

Storyboards for sound/script project.

Storyboard ideas

Idea concept_1
My first idea included my character running to work through leaves in the winter to get to the train station then waiting for his train already being late, then two trains come,waiting on the train then an overweight woman decides to sit overly close,train makes a loud shudder noise suprised him while the woman beside him decides to start eating chocolates spraying crumbs all over him as he looks round looking for his phone whilst its right next to him. races to the toilet to make it in time for work getting rained on in the process as he gets into work realises the woman beside him on the train was in fact his new secretary who begins annoying him once again flicking around with the radio channels.
Idea concept_2
looking at watch realising just how late he is while waiting for the train scratching his head in anticipation,train finally arrives sitting down having large woman uncomforably sitting close to him, gets suprised with a loud noise in the train not realising no one else has noticed.
Gets sprayed at by woman beside him with chocolate, phone begins to vibrate loudly not knowing where to look in his suitcase searching when its rite next to him on the seat. then going to the toilet not realising the train has reached his stop, jets to get off the train while the doors close in his face,calmly sits down trying to find his radio station and understandably looses it.