Monday, 7 February 2011

Update on current projects,confectionary and Disney character.

BOOOM! wel trying to do work with Joseph Campbell dvd and rockstar energy on the go was like trying to go fast with the energy drink and slowing down with the the power of myth interview slowing me down. But yes im glad i've watched the interview gives you a good insite into storytelling and backround to storys. the dvd also was very deep like a in depth version of the edd hooks talk i thought when they started to talk about sharmens.

i've resently had a seperate brief working with illustators and advertisement students, bringing together groups of six and working to advertisting in a short animation a brand which is already out there then bring together in the group a finished animation making you want to have the confectionary and make you want to go out and buy it. Looking forward to working in a group on a project which will be something in advertising aiming to make this something that you'll want to watch again and again to also look good in my showreal.

Also on working on my character i've been looking at how my story can unfold and i came across this animation which made me invision my animation on my character a little better not in style only in story.