Monday, 23 May 2011

Armature update and guide to budget armature.

My two work stations the top one in my uni place basically put together quick boards in green and held the floor peice up by dvds and then i could put the magnet underneath then lighting above and my tripod which just so happen to have the camera on but thats one work station.

Then below my work station from back home in wales where i was at my early stages with my model making process to putting things together and seeing what works.

These are three of the most up to date armatures the first took the quickest time because the other two i learnt from then the second is using the bolt technique to hold the armature up right and then the last one was my first to put togther and has bulky foam because i was eventually going to cloth him but too much handling eventually he broke.

Close up of the third armature from above showing where and how he stood up.

 Quickly some images to show how i put together my newest armature

Budget material suply wire,stretch fabric,mili putty and two small magnets.