Friday, 15 July 2011

Defining Sculping Skills and Armature Test

My work space and resources so far.

initially when my sculpey arrived the idea was to improve sculpting ready for animatable armatures this armature wont be for animating just for perfecting my sculpting skills and realise problems before to evaluate and see what needs changing.These images show how far i've got so far over a three day period of time.

once wired out the placement for the miliputty to keep it all in place, i used a fair bit on each area to make sure i don't have to come back and put back an arm to the model.

close up of expression on the face.

Works in the same places i drew out.

On to the face a ball of foil on a peice of wire then slowly putting sculpey on top once foil is thick enough.

Head shape ready to minipulate.

Basketball armature test

An idea of my final project is to design and animate a basketball player to crazy skills on the court in stop-motion using maybe more than one armature but while i can make mistakes i thought id make a mock up for my character and the look.

with inner wire complete moved to adding foil to increase volume in areas simply because its light weight then tape it in.

Once im happy with the thickness and how he looks il start adding sculpey in detail.