Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Past two weeks-advertising work.

The lack of posts as of late because of taking on work to get new software and take a trip down to London with my girlfriend to visit the Ray Harryhausen exhibit and what i've been working on below for a client as im getting payed on top.

Over the past two weeks i've been designing new advertising boards for work (Tair Pluen-three feathers)
For each board i was given what to put on there and the style to be kept throughout.

First came to layout everything.

The first board before wine bottles were put in background and the type thickened.

Cocktails this one took a lot longer than anticipated even though more freedom with being able to add the explosion to the bomb of writing the end writing was near completion and had to be changed to different shots also the price needed to be added to the left where corkys was written.

Blurry picture but this one was done the quickest with the planning and layout not taking as long just spacing for each word.

Spirits and cheapest on tap here the longer boards took a fair amount of time deciding what style to go for each board but keeping to colour code.

Wines board finished and in place

Offers available and monthly special.