Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ss2-Daily Work Schedule for Silent animated film competition

Daily work schedule 

Over the next three months i shall be sticking to this schedule as best i can leaving no time to fall behind and giving enough time for failure and learn lessons a long the way.

Pre-production stage



Today was all about getting everything as ready as possible, after speaking to people about sewing the cloths onto the armature after problems in ss1 with hands being to big to get the cloths round because i didn't use replacement hands and the look of the material constantly moving bothered me.
This time round I'm going to make the parts of the cloths and glue them in place, firstly was going to use copydex if only the smell and after look of colour isn't left looking to attractive,spoke to people who previously tried this without problems and recommended this glue-

invisible mend apparently 
won't be till tomorrow till i get material for cloths and test the glue but I'm looking forward to seeing the results,many of the before stages of colour charts for the cloths and the look with filling out the characters should also be done.


The bike is still in the design stage yet i've got advice from many people of tackling the problems, which has made me more confident with the idea, the detail of the making of the bike will be in two weeks, also she designing the storyboard i came across the Roller racing which may be included for the bicycle scenes with the history of bicycles being related to birmingham.

Inspiration clips while researching for this project