Friday, 10 February 2012

Ss2- Statement of intent

What ?

My current project is set to a competition brief, the brief is to create a short animation to go with an achieve track which have been found on moving the all the birmingham libraries material for 2013. The animation will be physical comedy based fast pace to the music and without time for the audience to get bored.
The piece will contain two character who are in the middle of a chase and run into a bike shop in birmingham where they find themselves continuing the chase to the audiences knowledge their chase isn't going anywhere but on the spot in the shop where there will be opitunity for numerous gags.


The animation will include two character who both will be built using ball and socket armatures, the set made from mdf with tie downs for necessary shots,there will be many gags using physical comedy throughout.
The animation will be filmed from the Milo and if the opitunity for full use of the milo becomes available during any of the gags in the narrative that will definitely happen.


This project has a limited time and work is already underway the deadline for hand in is the 2nd of april, filming taking place from 5th til the 16th,there will be a two week period where i'll be able to get the editing done and finished before april.