Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ss2- Less visual more informal

Pp-Ongoing work

On going from professional practice is my website which is still being worked on, the face shall be changed to something more visually pleasing once more time comes about, there will be links to all my social networking sides,links to my blog and most importantly my showreel.

Currently only works on some formats so apologies if you have any problems -

Ss2-Todays has given less opitunitys for visuals but...

Currently working on the storyboards,making sure the characters have all the right qualities for the purpose and narrowing down the storyboards but yet still leaving the quality of the amount of gags going throughout the animation.

The animation should have a memorable character which is visually appealing and has the ability to move an audience emotionally through the events of the story but the short story has to have him in extraordinary circumstances and reacts to those circumstances truthfully.

starts tomorrow 

This weekend i'll be attending the great array of talent that the British Animation Awards has to offer, catch up with friends also create new contacts which is always useful, hopefully there will be many faces that were behind many of the animations there to get a drink with.Get tickets at baa awards bham