Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ss2-Character Development 2

Daily Blog Update

temporary mouth as testing
 Yesterdays caricature familiar in some way, still really like this one in particular today was spent testing out ways of being able to show lip syncing but for the emotion/expression reason. Simply this was the first idea was to block the whole area and change the block for each change.

the cover for PJs season 1

The other was to place the mouth pieces on separately like they did on The PJs series from Eddie Murphy, the idea was greatly used with every character many things that have worked replacement wise with The PJs may be used eyebrows,eyelids,mouths.

cling film to stop the mouth from sticking

 Character 2 My wednesday character

starting off basic
 Had trouble with the oversized nose at the start then when sculpting more found how it should look more of a sharp nose than the shapely nose from the first character, also finding where the cheek bone should be and how the face should fall from the cheek to the jaw which was different to the character before.

layering at the start no smoothing down yet
found the nose,cheek bone and the forehead were important  to match
Solved the problem with the oversized nose by taking the sculpey off the nose and taking off some layers of foil to create the shape i wanted which was a pointy nose an thin nostrils.
long face
expression already seems even before much done for it
decided to go straight in for placing the mouths on

less matrix more serious food critic from Ratatouille 
still more smoothing off to be done with ears and hair
Close up
From this photo you can see the difference in nose more closely
Temporary because i haven't decided wether to go for plastercine instead
Only reason not is because of the weight.

Working on style and getting into more of how the texture and look in going to be,thinking throughout a gritty texture with realistic look to it with time some props may have to be made in card if they aren't being used as main props only background props.

The texture for the wall perhaps but more wood to it
the dry texture for the background if outside