Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ss2-A Characters Features & More

Getting more shapely feature from the characters face

Photos taken throughout making new character face experimenting and practicing to make faces which will be most suitable for my specialist study 2 characters. The biggest problem as noticeable with previous characters is the shapely features which make a puppet more human and more characitured.

So first point of reference was Babylon an early short from Pete Lord and David Sproxton, the short is dark yet the characters all have a difference from the one before almost individual which makes me interested in looking at the detail they have made.

Underneath a layer of wire and foil

the shaping of the nose seemed important as a centre point

instantly preferred with eyelids even if not accurate at the moment

The shape of the head was seeing more shape as the layers came one by one, the attention to the definition to high cheek bone instantly makes the nostrils seem like they were meant to be.
Deciding on mouthpiece will be next time

left the neck till last as of lessons learnt last time with rushing in

Like the p'js many mouth pieces or giant ones to fill the open space.
undecided on hat or hair so the reason for flat head



Becoming more and more important as i see the days pass so quick with little to show so the top plan is for specific dates and deadlines and below a list of tasks to be done.
not so specific at the moment

 Books currently helpful

So excited i bought 2 (one click on amazon means one click... apparently)
The book above i came across while at Slapstick2012 in Bristol's Arnolfini the book covers many topics which every animator will be in grossed in,many tips on how to increase your skill set and making your performance believable.(Btw amazon cheapest by £10)

Always great for any character animator
 Always had this out until i bought a copy, much to learn and quick in this little book always referring to it for little pieces that come useful.