Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ss2-The naked set for my next short film.

Being an elf over christmas pays off

Tie down holes made using Cnc

 These pictures were taken over christmas when the set was made but since then there have been adjustments again, balancing the dissertation and the set was task in itself but with the help of my dad i was able to make the set in a much quicker time.

The design and the measurements were all made before christmas break most of the pieces already cut to size the problem was space to put it and taking it down and up again to take it to Birmingham,after going over the design and making adjustments it all came together.

Then the next task was to make the two side walls able to remove when the shot asks and we over came the problem with the help of Mr Ben Whitehouse and discovering what best way to tackle the problem with mdf shaving two fastens and two magnet type pieces that make sure the walls always go back in the same place.(will explain better next time with photos)


The space between the set and the floor is to give enough space to enable tie downs to be used when needs be, i gave 15cm which seems the perfect distance,the separations between the floor and the set are going inwards because of stability issue's feared alone the lines if the set was moved about a lot.

This set will be used in conjunction with my specialist study two project where i am entering a silent film animation competition, the ideas are currently coming along with making starting in the coming weeks the project will be tight to the deadline but surely rewarding. If kept to schedule i should be able to do some short animation snippets once finished as well to show less fast pace action comedy and more subtle.