Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ss2- Silent movie animation wanted i'm your man!

 The chance to exhibit my work with Charlie Chaplin would be an honour.

Just finished professional practice and this came up, what a great opportunity-

The challenge is open to anyone with a passion for animation. Using one of the originally composed Silent Movie tracks, recently rediscovered in archives during preparations for moving to the new Library of Birmingham (opening 2013) and recorded by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO), you're being asked to create a piece of animation that includes the word 'Birmingham' or an iconic image of the city. 

This was definitely something i would love to enter but at the time of seeing this thought also if slapstick physical humour would with 'tension with intrigue and love' as maybe a theme but then found out  Friday night classics: Charlie Chaplin was on the same night so guess it goes without saying.
After considering to enter after the only thing holding me back was time and wether to focus on one large animation for a long period of time of give myself the opportunity to win the silent movie animation challenge and give time to work on something small at the end of term too which seems to be the much better alternative.

The sounds were all very different i found myself liking four tracks but i can see animating two of them will be most fun because of the jumpy and cherpy side which would play well with the comedy. The next step has been to contact the competition to get the tracks sent to me to start working on a x-sheet (dope sheet).

Specialist study 2 schedule

Meanwhile - pictures of set and animation will be put up soon,slapstick photos and review of the festival    will come with.