Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stop Frame Character Animator Showreel 2012

Professional Practice Showreel 2012

Its finally here, my showreel for 2012, this will be on going to create a better result of where my skills lye and what area i'm going to be specialising in. The first thing to make sure all the work that it in the showreel is my best and what im confident in showing people.
The first attempt was out of time with the music and the best stuff wasn't places at the start,for my second attempt i kept the font the same front that you see at the end for the centre writting and created the end shot in photoshop.

Gareth Hirst Showreel 2012 from Gareth Hirst on Vimeo.

For my Professional Practice assessment a showreel is required always wanted to have enough work to put a good showreel together, currently been improving this showreel best i can but any advice/critic is welcome as you are my audience.

Feedback from someone in the industry and fellow animators