Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ss2- Don't complicate things Story wise

Stan & Oliver (acting & re-acting)

Story wise currently cutting things down and looking at reference, this project has had many changes along the way but the story has been the hardest job of deciding what would be best and look best to bring across the humour and acting that i would be happy with.

Recently realised not to focus to much on making sure to much about the audience liking something and more on working on something which i will be happy with and with that there will be more likely chance of lessons being learnt and be happy with the outcome.

Also the most of the week has been taken up with sorting out the story and deciding what the Goal was and found the importance was keeping the story simple and to focus the story around an object doesn't have to close down the ability of the acting.

referencing other material to learn things

As you'll have notices the two references to one man band the Pixar short,which wasn't till after i finished writing a story which i was happy with the similarity's to the Pixar short that is not is not to the extent of making a remake more of the structure of the story how the characters act and then re-act.

Till i have drawn out the final storyboard i won't be talking about it in detail, but with my learning outcomes set by myself i would more than anything like to improve my animating skills not in a technical way but acting with characters re-acting to each other.

Reacting to loosing her money becomes a twist in the story.