Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ss2- Face painting,Mouth pieces and Eyes falling out.

Fixing the eyes in place for less problems when animating

Eye firmly in place ready for animating.
 Images are in the opposite order newly updated from the top down, there was a big problem last time with the Canimation being that the eyes never wanted to stay in place, soon solved the problem but looked like a botch job but this time because of time limitations I'm solving it the same way but trying to leave the face looking like it was supposed to look this way.

thin layer of latex over the top but still leave it loose
Mouth Pieces painted
took many coats & used latex to give the lips an extra shine.
The mouths became intricate and delicate with more coats of paint the get rid of the first layer of black underneath but all in all i believe they have turned out all right just a case of making sure they're all right and if i have enough won't be much of a problem just got to paint them.

First layers of paint to the heads

 To give more of a make-up feel to the eyes i painted the inside of the socket black but i instantly thought of a certain root-scope artist instead of a silent film star ready to go on set, the only problem being with this head was at the start of painting one side below the eye got chipped but luckily got it fixed.

pained the inside of the nose which looked less obvious after giving the skin another layer

looks very sculpted here
 This was where i realised i was going to have problems along the line if i don't change the eyes because as you see the eyes look like their just about balancing.

Second layer of paint compared to the over tanned oopa loompa colour of the first layer

 Long day tomorrow with a list of things to be doing so may put all the blog posts up at the end of the week unless ahead of schedule by tomorrow.