Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ss2- The Set for 'Street Act' Silent Animation Film

'Street Act' Detail shots of the set 

Centre stage throughout the animation

Lately the blog hasn't been as regular but will be many updates over coming days as i've been too busy to post about work, to start i thought i'd post images of how the set looks finished with all the trimmings, in relation to the brief of the competition there must be an iconic building in the animation or the word Birmingham so i came across 'The Birmingham Post' poster an checked the time period of their publishing and luckily the time fitted.
Then because of many of the people who will be seeing the animation on the published night will more than likely be from Birmingham Corporation st. comes up in the top left and corner of the set and gives more detail of where the animation was set.

Shot taken from the film Coraline
From watching the likes of Coraline for the millionth time there was something about the textures which would come across very nicely with the time period and where set ( on a street corner). The attention to detail with making certain textures visible doing tests in my Rvj was important throughout with the set and will also be evident on the cloths of the Characters.

Busy street in Birmingham Corporation st.

this shot was darker to show the textures on the set.

Drainage pipe on the back wall made from ballsa wood to add unnessesary weight.

Ariel view of set

Back wall in daylight