Monday, 5 March 2012

Ss2- Visualising performance through acting for animating

Acting out scenes to visualise animation better and get a better understanding of timing
Acting out a scene from 'Street Act' Ben and myself in the photo.

First day in the greenroom all set up, but the story really wasn't at the standard i knew it could be so spoke with a few people then got on with re-creating the parts of the story which didn't tickle my fancy. Took three steps today, first was to bullet point all of the parts which were key when animating,second going over each part to make everything work,thirdly most benifitial was to act out each scene and get each part spot on.

In total with the help of fellow animator Ben Whitehouse (greatly appreciated) we acted out the whole story with alterations in points and finding what worked while watching back the catalogue of about 20 takes of the story acted out which has helped to be able to visualise and understand the movements of each of the characters always trying to bring out a better performance each time also thinking about line of action throughout oddly enough and i wasn't animating.

Next stage will be to import the videos and see which will be best to go with to import to Dragonframe and add to a dope sheet (X-Sheet) which will aid me while animating and create a better understanding of timing rather than taking the whole animation on a whim from the storyboards.

Everything else is an all go at uni my characters and set all ready may need a coat of paint on the hands of each of the characters to make more of an impact when the animation gets de-colourized, only other thing sorting out editing with my second years which i'm expecting won't have to many toubles rigging,de-colourize and introduction and end credits.