Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ss2-Friday and saturday update on trying new things

Tackling the K&s to able the head to come off easily while filming.

Time wasted yesterday because i had the same problem which i had to tackle last time, attaching the heads to the body and being able to take the head off without problems, this time wasn't tackled by doing what i had to,but to take the head off was an option with k&s tubing available which i hadn't used for this purposes before.
The k&s tubing is highly expensive but lasts because for each head you'll only need about a centre metre from each one, the idea is to have a larger piece inside the head and the smaller piece on the neck then slide the head in place.
The new armature had no problems with the sizes of k&s which i had, but the first on has thicker threaded wire so i needed larger k&s for the head, which i got the day before then without a junior hacksaw which i left in wales tut tut, got out the files.
Surprisingly enough the files worked a lot quicker than any knife i had to had, just having to level and sand it off once was cut. Then thinking all purpose would work i was wrong and had to scrape all of it off to then use Araldite for metal which seemed to work instantly.

place of work within the set at the moment
smaller k&s fitted in place
k&s fitted to the second head but after cutting away inside to make space

k&s drying in place
k&s fitted nicely into the first head which fits in the above photo
the length is about an inch to go into the second head

Just started cutting away with the file

the thin file in the red and cloth to catch 
This is where the k&s will be fitted once complete see how the hole has been dug away at to create room for the shape of the k&s, once complete then sculpey will be gone over with on the chin then ready to get baked in the oven.
How the body looks painted in a lighter colour  yet still needs more skin colour
Also on the saturday the threaded wire on the neck was still way to long and didn't seem to have any shorter so had to crack open the file again and get it cut which took a lot less time than from ss1.

Character look
This is an outfit which i am aiming to get out of the characters which is a lot simpler which is good because I've never been good at making cloths and as id love to have my characters in full blown suits that will have to wait till eather time is on my favour to order some from japan sadly that can not be done this time round.
Bicycle testing
Just started making the shape of the bike and testing out with miliputty
Replacement mouths
Mouths made on the friday with a cocktail stick and sculpey
decided on going for the sausage mouths
Then baked last night sadly the long mouth cracked but all purpose rescued it
mouths turned out well any longer and i think more would have cracked
The first head after being in the oven for about 3minutes
Photos of the one of the mouths being tested out on a very cockeyed puppet sad i was very tired at this point, of course the colours won't be the same with the inside of the mouth going to be black and the lips being red or pink.

Recommended by a friend to be able to stick the mouth on for a short period of time i am going to use tacky wax which seems to work perfect.