Monday, 20 February 2012

Ss2- Heads Baked & replacement parts

Head Developement 

 Taken from yesterday when i baked both the heads after filling in the bottom of the chin and smoothing out areas, also took the time to create some sculpey pieces for when the characters eyes are open and some moustaches no reason for them though but after watching so much pjs wanted to test how the character would look with one.

replacement parts and heads baked

still hot from the oven took longer because glues used could only go to 110deg
smooth texture finished off
 The only other problem i didn't want to come into was for the space for the eyes to get into the sockets to shrink in size then not allowing the eyes to get back in or worse the outside of the sockets to have a thin layer and so has the possibility to crack causing more problems.

nose detail
eyes currently have a glare because of the top lid
the line to the left of the mouth is the inner wire which will be covered up when painted
Another set of lips made which are similar to this one have been broke but luckily can now be glued back the can be used again that is the only thing making sure not to over bake.
looking pretty parallel only thing you cant see is the ears
Next stage which has already been started the painting of the heads and all replacement parts with a trip to hobby craft in the morning.