Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ss2- Pre-Production update

 Took a trip to HobbyCraft today which is always an adventure to get there

Recycling Canimation armature and modifying.
 After Hobbycraft i took to the first armature with making sure he's smoother all around to make the cloths easier to fit on with measurements and then also movement looks better from moving the other one, so quickly made sure each arm was same thickness and then glued it in place.

rigging in place in the centre of the armature

Also while going along tightening areas on the armature and seeing what might be changed before carrying on, i was going to change the centre of the him for rigging purposes but then realised that the original is firmly in place and already has the gravity rigging available.

HobbyCraft Adventure 

First thing i realised was the list i had wasn't the greatest, still got a few things like paint and small sketchbook for notes bitty things but also came across this incredible textured looking wall paper which was exactly what i was interested in going for especially to give off the grittiness and urban look of the 1900's.