Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ss2- London's Sculpture,Culture and Film Memorabilia

photo take in between shots on Street Act
 Some photos from the V&A in London last weekend, these are sculptures which i found all interested me from a Animation perspective as well as the obvious great detail that each one has, while animating i noticed a great deal of importance in keeping a pose a exaggerating everything to give a natural sense that makes what you're looking at realistic.
The photo at the top is of one of my characters in the middle of a scene reaching into his hat, the other point in looking at these sculptures was because of the sense of while looking at them you don't feel like they're posing but in the middle of something like the one below for example there is a great line of action which conveys movement a lot better which is what has influenced me to create longer lasting poses and get that line of action every time.
V and A
the line from hands right to the knee's
same sculpt from a different angle

Shadow silhouette
 Another thing that came across when animating after being to London was if my puppet was a silhouette would i know exactly what it was doing straight away,using each limb to bring across what a character is doing, look at the shadow of the sculpt above to see a great example.

Show power and authority with just one pose
Never boxing a character in, show exactly where everything would be in comparison before starting like  with a pose how a character would get there when animating.

Also something which i don't take into enough consideration is lighting
subtle movements always count to give something more life

Getting the the best angle while animating can make a total difference like these two images

 Great lighting and shape on this sculpt

bringing across the mood instantly

agression and chaos

These are great pieces which i remembered from a previous visit, especially the middle one the great detail to all the muscles and limbs and the effect light has brings texture and three dimensional quality.

London Film Museum
Then hopped on the tube to the London Film Museum which was where the photo was taken from, once we got past all the crowds of tourists on the bridge and next to the eye we finally got into the museum.

Totally geeking out at all the things at the museum including a charlie chaplin section which i didnt know about until we got there,Ray Harryhausen gallery,Harry Potter section and a most amusing horror section with zombie heads.

chilling by a bizarre chaplin poster

recording device

Wind machine

Costume worn by Peter Sellers for Dr Strange Love

old school filming equipment 

Superman Costume from the latest version

And of course the batman costume!

Model of how the bear would look for Golden Compass
Harry Potter
Brumes and books from their classes used on the films

Last costumes of the three main 

Frame from Roger Rabbit

After a great day of seeing a lot of Sculpture, culture and film memorabilia it was time to get back to Euston station and get back to Birmingham in time to fix puppets ready for the next week of Animating on Street Act.