Sunday, 25 March 2012

Ss2- Film Introduction,title cards and end credits research for Street Act


Thinking about an important layout for the introduction was important as its the first thing the audience sees, making sure the star of the show and the title is the focus and at the centre.Also having a boarder wasn't a necessity but brings everything together nicely.

Hal Roach worked with Laurel and Hardy
Title had to have a little something different to draw you in to be the first thing you see so working with several fonts was important, there wouldn't be a huge change to the style of the overall look but just to stand out like the titles below.

Intros that give you a taste of the film just from the text.

Both these collages have titles that are easily recognisable and have been promoted well, but what stand out is that each one not only has the title but gives a taste of the film that you about to be watching.

The title above i used a lot when planning out the layout for my introduction for Street Act having everything in three chunks.
same applies for this into 
Another great introduction still with a feel of the film bringing out the cold and icicle writing, this was another that the layout worked and i thought about using.

What makes great title cards?

  • Instantly readable and don't become a chore by having to many to explain the story.
  • What is written is straight to the point.
  • you know who is saying what 
  • the vocabulary isn't to strong as the audience is a mixture of old and young.
  • the font is always the same and size.
  • Enough time is given for the audience to read them

sounds could be made legible 
what is read is needed and doesn't leave the audience guessing.
making sure the boarder doen't get int the way

simple boarders are easier or no boarder

The End/Credits

Not much to the end really but having it come it smooth looks nice, but depending on the story of course, like the images above the end could come into focus with what happens at the end of the film.

Credits can be totally different for era,genre and style, but for Street Act im going to stick with keeping it with the simple slide style in keeping with the time like the above image which has job one side name the other and logos below.