Monday, 26 March 2012

Ss2-working on 'STREET ACT' Introduction

Final 'Street Act' Introduction

2 part introduction

Firstly i've put the final introduction above to talk about and then below are my before designs and why i have chosen to change the introduction into two separate shots. The short story is i thought the title as a whole was too busy and crammed into one shot,keeping who presents the animation at the top and the production below the title as the layout.
What this layout also gives the audience is the ability to see the title a lot more clearer and not feel rushed to read within the time allotted for each slide.

Introduction Development

With the writing below being fitting but without the font being able to be filled in i thought it best to find a new font more suited to the time period and look a simpler to read especially if the audience is only going to read the title.
With all the changes in place the introduction looked a lot better but seemed too cluttered and so divided the introduction into two separate slides one who presents the animation and the other being the title and the production.


The above title was cleaner with the logo taken out and the hats moved around its looking better but the hat on the S doesn't look that professional because the S isn't showing all that well. Also my name at the bottom is a little too small.

This was a favourite of mine because of the GHAnimation logo that was placed at the bottom looking official but with the large amount of font change throughout doesn't come across legible and hasn't really got much of a fun look to it especially without the hats being placed in a well thought out way.