Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ss2- 'STREET ACT' final lighting and deadline met!

How the final picture looks- Title of Animation

Editing all finished thursday just gone,absolutely perfect timing with 2 o'clock today gave my copy of 'STREET ACT' to The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra 3 days before the deadline which was met with no hiccups in terms of maybe missing the deadline.

3/4 through the animation this is a crop of a screen grab
 just to give example of the lighting

Editing was great in terms of learning final cut to a basic extent and After effects likewise and with that bringing the film to full HD and bringing the lighting of the film to another level bringing sepia and use the lighting on After Effects to my advantage bring to life a much more Golden Era looking film.

this shot was taken after lighting was done and cropping it to fit screen size.

Lighting and effects only complemented the picture quality of the animation
big props to Matt Cusworth for suggesting re-edit

so to start working on my next project in the coming weeks based around me learning to use talking to add comedy to sutler gestures from the characters performance,but until then i'll be going back to Wales for a few days to see family and friends for easter.

And not forgetting the credits...

All the people mention in the credits for the jobs entitled
but also for always being willing to give opinions and time so kindly