Friday, 27 April 2012

Ss2-CBSO Chaplin Classics - 'Street Act' Live

Filled out symphony hall
Last friday was an incredible night as Street Act was being accompanied by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra live to just over 2500 people in attendance, such a great opportunity with the whole thing being so surreal after working on 'Street Act' since Christmas which has just about gave me  sufficient time for research and planning which enabled me to win the competition.

'Street Act' Live below-

The true beauty of the screening was hearing the audiences reactions to what is going on in the animation as this was my target audience there was no better way of seeing/hearing if my brief was complete.

The programme really did the event justice and my 100 words which was asked of me was published on the back of the programme photo below-

taken from cbso's programme

Also in the interval i was able to visit the directors lounge where industry professionals and drinks were available to mingle with, got to see some faces which i haven't in a while speaking about previous advice given and i was able to say how i was able to take on board the advice to better my outcome.

Meeting the likes of Myles McLeod and hear his opinions of my animation discussing how my animation got a warm reception hearing a laugh and applaud as well at the end. Also spoke with Andy Guest with whom i shall be doing a internship with once my Uni course is over, for becoming the winner of the cbso silent movie animation challenge.

 After then seeing two Chaplin Classics (City Lights and One A.M)

After such a great finish to the night in seeing Charlie Chaplin acompanied by the great composer and conductor Carl Davis who enjoyed a well desirved applaude. Then at the end of the night enjoyed a good chat with Carl Davis while he was signing programmes and cds.

Such an honour to speak to Carl Davies and so happy to talk about his work.

Before Chaplin Classics Night i received much granted publicity from CBSO (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra) here are some photos where i featured on BBC Midlands talking about my inspiration for 'Street Act' and having my work played with one of the worlds best Orchestra.

Sadly the news article are only for 24hours but above are some stills.
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